We Help You Create Vibrant Health and a Resilient, Strong Body!
via Chiropractic Care and Movement & Fitness Education

The days may seem slow, however the decades go fast ... Enjoy Life!

To learn more about Dr. Stern and his fitness journey (2015 article): https://gmb.io/stephen-v/

Chiropractic Care


Providing Chiropractic Care since 1984.

We offer a healing spirit and gentle, generative touch.
Our office environment and procedures help
create an atmosphere of peace, trust,
and a deeper connection to the process of healing.

People seek care
for pain relief from chronic and acute conditions,

to improve their health and that of their family,
and as a part of personal growth and development.

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Dr. Stephen Stern is more than just an ordinary chiropractor; he is a true healer. I appreciate the way he optimizes the flow of energy to help my body to heal itself. He is very gentle and calming.
~ Ellen
I have chronic pain and “traditional” chiropractic care was not doable for my type of problems. I was very grateful to be referred to Dr. Stern as his very gentle yet effective approach has helped me managed the pain and keep my body functioning as well as it possibly can. The office environment is very peaceful and appointments run on time, which I really appreciate…
~ Anne G
Effectiveness. Healing without drugs or unnatural intervention. Stress reduction. Confidence. These are all the reasons why we trust Dr. Stephen Stern and Millis Family implicitly for our family.
~ Beverly F

Fitness for All


Providing Fitness Training for All Ages & Skill Levels

No matter your age, inexperience, or level of fitness –
get your body strong, agile and resilient

Learn how to exercise in ways that are
safe, effective, fun and sustainable!

Private sessions are tailored toward your goals.

Get fit and move better while enjoying the process!

Find Out More about Fitness for All
Stephen is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and finds the right balance between giving you a lot without overwhelming with too much information.
~ Anne
An all body and core workout as a fun time? I had to see it and after that had to try it. Crawling around the floor in various animals poses is as much fun as it was in my youth, but now it’s good for me, too!
~ Peter K
It is fun and educational working with him as he is able to give new and different insights than I was ever able to get from other routine forms of exercise that I had learned in the past.
~ Gail