pic-stephen-side-crowAt any age, be STRONG, AGILE, and RESILIENT
with a body that MOVES WELL in FUN WAYS!

For years, I had a love/hate relationship with exercise.  When I was into it – it was great.  However, often I’d go through stretches with no exercise, which left me feeling sluggish, gain weight, and be very self-critical of how I let my body go.  I think many people do a similar ‘dance’… the on-again off-again to exercise and how they relate to their body.

You might have stopped exercising because you

  • were bored and got disinterested
  • weren’t getting results with your efforts and gave up
  • got hurt and couldn’t maintain a regular program
  • felt exhausted and achy from over-training and pushing yourself too hard
  • were confused and didn’t know what to do

Learn How to Get Fit and Strong by Training Smart and Safe

One-to-One Sessions

One-to-One Session’s are private sessions that are tailored toward your goals and level of fitness. You’ll learn how to approach exercise in ways that are safe, fun and effective. 

The emphasis is on skill development, which helps people achieve greater control and mastery in how they move, lift, push, pull, run, and more.  It helps develop a strong & resilient body and a focused & disciplined mind, and has a positive impact with any activity you choose to do. 

Sessions are beneficial for people in post-rehab, with chronic tension, who are injury prone, or for anyone who has specific fitness goals or wants to develop a regular exercise habit.

Whether a newbie or experienced exerciser, these session help you:

  • gain strength, improve flexibility and move with better freedom and control
  • improve fitness without the need of a gym or bulky equipment
  • learn about auto-regulation so that exercise is productive and sustainable
  • cultivate a mindful and exploratory approach toward fitness that makes it engaging & enjoyable 

These sessions help build a strong foundation so that your body is better prepared for life … to play with your children, do yard work, participate in a sport, go hiking, take out the garbage, work at your job, deal with stress, etc.  You’ll learn how to ‘work’ around an injury or limitation, move with greater freedom and autonomy, and make your body more resilient.  

Get stronger and move better
in ways that are effective and enjoyable

Private sessions are held at our office.
For additional information or to schedule a session (in person or via zoom),

call 508-376-9544 or write via the Contact page

Dr. Stern is a Certified GMB Trainer and Animal Flow Coach.
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