pic-stephen-side-crowAt any age, be STRONG, AGILE, and RESILIENT
with a body that MOVES WELL in FUN WAYS!

Motion is Lotion – Good for the Body and Soothes the Mind

Your body is designed to be strong and resilient throughout your life
by performing simple movements, you can improve its capability and function.

Dr Stern is an Original Strength (OS) Clinician and Certified GMB Trainer.
Original Strength is a movement restoration system that makes people strong and resilient.
To learn about OSOriginal Strength Systems
GMB Fitness teaches smart exercise that is fun and helps people get strong and move better.
To learn about GMB: GMB Fitness

Whether you live a sedentary life or you already exercise,
private sessions (one-to-one) with Dr. Stern will be very beneficial.

Learn how to:
– effectively engage the 3 Pillars of Human Movement
– perform the Five Big Resets, which reboots (refreshes) the Central Nervous System
– build neural connections, restore old ones, and make existing ones more efficient
– cultivate Reflexive Stability, which improves function and resiliency of the body
– make exercise safe and enjoyable so that it’s sustainable and productive

Sessions with Dr. Stern are tailored toward your goals.
He meets you where you’re at in a way that honors and respects your capability and skill.
Sessions are beneficial for people in post-rehab, with chronic tension, who are injury prone, or for anyone who has specific fitness goals or wants to develop a regular exercise habit.

These sessions help build a strong foundation so that your body is better prepared for life … to play with your children, do yard work, participate in a sport, go hiking, take out the garbage, work at your job, deal with stress, etc.  You’ll learn how to ‘work’ around an injury or limitation, move with greater freedom and autonomy, and make your body more resilient.  

For additional information or to schedule a session (in person or via zoom),
call 508-376-9544 or write via the Contact page

To learn more about Dr. Stern’s background, training and perspective: