GMB started in 2010 to help people attain Physical Autonomy. They provide excellent online programs along with educational articles and tutorials that cover a variety of topics.   Dr. Stern is a Certified GMB Trainer.   For guidance and support, schedule private one-to-one sessions, which will help you recover from injuries, get stronger and move better in ways that are safe, productive, and fun.

GMB’s Approach to Fitness    The GMB Method        The Basics

GMB Training Programs   Elements / Focused Flexibility / Vitamin / Integral Strength / Parallettes / Floor / Rings

Working Out, Training, and Practice:   How to Choose the Right Approach for Your Goals

Nutrition   Dogma-Free Nutrition: How to Cut Through the Diet Hype and Reach Your Goals

Sleep    Get Better Sleep: 5 Strategies to Help You Feel Well-Rested and Productive

Posture    Why “Stand Up Straight” isn’t the Answer to Improving Posture

Exercises for Common Aches & Pains
Neck     Shoulders     Elbows     Wrists     Spine     Hips     Knees     Feet     4 Common Causes of Injury

6 Back Stretches to Improve Spinal Mobility          Hamstring Flexibility        Hip Mobility         Mobility for CrossFit
Top Stretching Methods Reviewed      Stretching and Flexibility       Stretching Tips for the Super Stiff and Inflexible
Stretching Myths and Answers to Common Questions About Stretching

Bodyweight Exercises
How To Warm-Up and Prepare the Body For Exercise
Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners: The “5” Basics and What To Do Instead
Locomotion Exercises to Build Strength and Agility
Squat     Pull-Up      Cartwheel     L-Sit     Handstand    Crow Pose    Elbow Lever
Push-Up     20 Advanced Push-Up Variations    How To Do A Planche
Human Flag Tutorial: 5 Steps to Achieve the Human Flag


How is GMB different from      Yoga     Animal Flow     Gymnastics Bodies

Book Review:   Overcoming Gravity


Motivation / Developing Habits / Strategies for Progress

Want to Stick to Your Training? Tap Into Your Long-Term Motivation

Building a Workout Habit – Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes

5 Reasons You’re Not Exercising Consistently (and How to Fix That)

3 Ways to Make Continual Progress with Your Training Program

Know Thyself – Strategies for Better Self-Knowledge, a Key to Physical Autonomy

What Are You Afraid Of? The Top 5 Fears Keeping You Stuck, and How to Beat Them

Plateaus, Process, and Progression: How to Get Unstuck and Start Getting Results

Avoid Exercise Burnout: 3 Steps to Autoregulation Training

Take Control of Your Progress and Stay on Track with Smart Self-Assessment

Changing Your Habits – How to Make it Happen Without Guilt, Frustration, or Burnout

5 Reasons You’re Not Progressing As Quickly As You’d Like and How to Fix That Right Away

Want To Move Better?  Use These 5 Simple Adjustments to Start Moving Freely

Training All Damn Day: How Much Should You Be Working Out?


Miscellaneous Articles

How to Stay a Badass for Life – 3 Strategies for Overcoming the Challenges of Getting Older

How To Recharge and Recuperate: Ending Burnout by Refocusing on What Matters

Train Your Body, Train You Mind: How Physical Training Boosts Mental Clarity, Creativity, and Longevity

6 Fitness Hacks for Finally Getting the Results You Want

How to Be a Better Communicator: 3 Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills

The Science of Pain and How to Limit It As Much As Possible

New Year’s Resolutions are for Suckers

Resilience: Train Your Body to Resist Injury When Accidents Happen

How To Move More at Your Day Job

57 Ways to Get More Physical Practice In Your Day


Tutorials and Videos by Dr. Stern