Kim K

About 3 years ago I had been in need of a new doctor after moving near here and suffering several falls on ice. I also had an old back/neck injury from a car accident that I had seen other chiropractors for through the years. Stephen and Amy's outlook on health includes not just the injured part but the whole person. While not recommending specific things there are books on nutrition, meditation (I still owe you that book!), and other healthy living choices all around the office. The music is relaxing, the light pleasant, the atmosphere is comfortable. Stephen and Amy are both professional and welcoming. The first thing I noticed during the physical exam was Stephens very gentle touch. He explained he would not be "manipulating" me the way I was familiar with. He is clearly an expert at anatomy as he located the painful spots very quickly and started the session. During the session he encouraged breathing and relaxation to aid in his work towards healing. No cracking or violent twisting. I could not believe how effective this is at relieving pain so I can heal easier. I felt better that day. I healed more quickly than a previous similar accident. I returned after another fall and got the same result. This gentle chiropractic style works. There are times I only go for a short time, become either pain free or much less, and get back to my busy life. Other times I go once a week or two just to helping my body deal with extra stress from whatever I am doing too much of. I have returned and will return even though I have since moved quite a distance away because I heal here and I know it. Stephen and Amy are true partners with me. Stephen advises and recommends length of treatment and how often for a return to optimum health. Amy runs the office side and adds more warmth and friendliness to the environment. They both listen to me. I never feel pressure to go longer or more often. They truly want all of their patients to get and stay healthy and pain free without depending on dangerous medications. I highly recommend them to family and friends often and look forward to the new location.
Stephen Stern, DC | Millis Family Chiropractic
Stephen and Amy's outlook on health includes not just the injured part but the whole person.