I only wish that I had come here twelve years ago … how different my life would have been!
Mary C.
In one case, after a difficult, natural birth of a 10.5 lb child when I dislocated a hip and could not even walk, Dr. Stern allowed me to avoid surgery with his amazing healing approach.
Beverly F.
The first thing I noticed during the physical exam was Stephens very gentle touch. He explained he would not be “manipulating” me the way I was familiar with. He is clearly an expert at anatomy as he located the painful spots very quickly and started the session…
Kim K
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The workouts go fast and my focus is deep, leading to just the kind of awareness I wanted.
Peter K
. . . a routine that could easily be implemented and maintained. The session was very beneficial and informative, as well as specifically tailored to my particular needs.
Ann G.
I found that the focus on creating correct form, and slow and steady progress very important.
Workshop Participant
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